Extending salesforce.com with the Apex API

A few weeks ago a salesforce.com customer, Jake, contacted us about extending their salesforce.com CRM by adding additional interactivity. I’ve been working on reference applications so I jumped on the chance to help him. This is a super simple application, but it does show how you can quickly build new functionality on web service APIs.

Check out the screencast (~11 min.) to see the app.

I asked Jake if we met his expectations and his response was priceless:

“You took my requirements, blew them away then picked up the ashes and made something spectacular!”

Request a Bungee Connect account if you want to try your hand at building apps like these. Also, I’m going to be at the Salesforce Dreamforce event beginning Sunday night, and at Ajax World the week of Sep 23rd. Leave a comment if you are interested in meeting up while I’m there.


  1. Ashish said

    Please help me out if this interface( inventory-salesforce) is sharable with a link URGENT

  2. Ashish,

    Contact me at bradATbungeelabsDOTcom and we can work with you to get a similar application.


  3. […] and does not match the typical process an employee goes through. An example of this scenario came to us from a Salesforce.com customer. They were happy with the overall CRM and had moved most of the operations for the company to their […]

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