Jeff Barr on Amazon Web Services (Part 1)

The Bungee LineOverview
Developer evangelist for Amazon Web Services, Jeff Barr tells Alex and Ted about how he became a native Amazonian, his recent visit to “The Business of API’s Conference,” and a bunch of stuff on Amazon Web Services, including: Mechanical Turk, EC2, and S3. Additionally, Jeff explains the newly announced S3 Service Level Agreement*, adding, “Take that, John Musser!” Jeff even name drops a book on our show. I wonder what site he expects us to link to on that?
32:17, 14.8 MB

Seriously, leave us a comment about the show.

Related Links
Here are links to some of the resources mentioned in this episode.

*In the first edition of The Bungee Line, John Musser said about web service SLAs, “What Service Level Agreements?”


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