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The Bungee LineOverview
Jon Aizen joins Alex and Ted to explain how provides a no-fee tool for making almost any structured web site data accessible via a REST API. In a past life, Jon was involved in creating The Internet Archive. Jon also helps the Bungee Line introduce romantic intrigue into the podcast.
Punditry Alert! At the end of this show, Ted and Alex speculate a bit about Android, Google’s open source mobile device platform, the Apache License, and whether Robert Love is involved. Please consider this as another demonstration of Ted’s idiocy, brought to you by the Bungee Line.
49:05, 22.5 MB

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  3. Not sure in what way Symbian is a “failed” attempt to make a mobile phone platform — there are more Symbian smartphones out there than Windows Mobile smartphones, as far as I can tell when searching through the bundle of lies that is the internet. ( is relevant here.) My phone’s a Symbian S60, for example. Of course, having an actually open stack is a much, much better idea…

  4. Ted Haeger said

    @Stuart: Were you not fairly warned that the Android segment was pure punditry gold? 🙂 Besides I believe that we never said “Symbian.” We may have, but I believe that we never did. And, really, isn’t that what counts in punditry?

    Thanks for your comment.

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