No Fee for live Bungee-powered test apps during Beta.

One of the questions frequently coming up as we interact with Bungee developers during our Beta phase is “Can I make my Bungee-powered application “live” during the Beta phase, and is there a fee for doing so?”

The short answer is yes – you can make the applications “live” that you develop using Bungee Connect, and during the Beta phase there is no fee for deploying your “test” apps to a live url we hand to you on deployment.

In other words, if you’ve built out a Bungee app during our Beta phase (either one of the apps you created in a tutorial, a mod of one of the sample apps, or a brand new app of your own creation) you can immediately deliver your Bungee-powered web app to users around the world – over the web, no plugin, etc – and not worry about setting up a billing profile with Bungee Labs 🙂

So then the next question is: how do I deploy a Bungee “test” application? There are two ways you can learn to do this:

  1. Once you’ve logged into Bungee Connect, navigate to the “Bungee Essentials Tutorial 1 : Hello Bungee Connect” in the Start Tab. It provides step by step instructions on how to make the “Hello World” app you’ve built go “live” with a url you can share / send to friends.
  2. You can review the “Understanding Application Posting and Deployment” doc in the reference wiki, giving an overview of the process of taking an app you’ve built live (deployed)

Once you’ve got the basics down then you can:

  • get fancy and make your Bungee-powered app CNAME’d to own domain
  • get even more fancy and embed your Bungee app into existing web pages or as a widget. As an example, see Matt’s post “Bungee-Powered Digg Gadget
  • get super-fancy and integrate your Bungee app into other non-Bungee web apps – e.g. (we’ll be publishing a step-by-step how on this soon)

If you run into any trouble, either head over the BCDN forum (you should login to Bungee Connect first) or get some help on the Bungee IRC channel.

Another question that might occur to you at this point: “when does the Beta phase finish?” We’ve still got to determine the exact timing based on the progress we make, but I can say we won’t be going into General Availability (GA) until the second half of 2008. We’ve got plenty of other news to communicate with you between now and then, so stay tuned.

One last note on making your Bungee-powered “test” apps live during the Beta phase, more of an FYI really: to help protect system resources and enable a greater number of Bungee developers to deploy their applications for no fee, there are some “theoretical” resource thresholds imposed on deployed applications. Areas where limitations may apply include:

  • Session Count
  • Concurrency
  • Bungee Unit Count
  • Data Delivered
  • Storage

We haven’t determined these resource thresholds precisely yet…but the really good news is we haven’t run into any scale issues for live Bungee apps so far. If your “test” app gets close to the thresholds (btw, a “test” app is a fully functional Bungee app), we’ll let you know 😉

Alex Barnett
VP, Community
Bungee Labs

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