A Web UI into Novell GroupWise with Bungee

Ted’s put together a short screencast showing off a simple personal Bungee-powered task management app providing a web UI into Novell GroupWise.

“I chose to use GroupWise as a reference platform for two reasons. First, the SOAP API for GroupWise has all the sophistication you could want: multiple levels of object inheritance, and its scope is comprehensive to say the least. (I wish I had understood that when I was in charge of marketing for GroupWise!) Second, nine years of working at Novell left me knowing how GroupWise works, so I would know when I actually got something to work.”

Ted also got this running as a Google Gadget. Sweet!

Yes, I used a mac to make this movie.


  1. Vivek said

    Linky to Google Gadget doesn’t seem right.

  2. Ted Haeger said

    Heya, Vivek:
    The link goes to Google Gadgets in general rather than to the specific gadget that I am working on because the app is not quite done yet, and I still have some security concerns with using a Google Gadget.

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