Bungee lecture at FamilySearch Developers Conference

Brad and I are going to be presenting the Bungee Labs FamilySearch utility library at the 2008 FamilySearch Developers Conference on March 12 @ 2:30 p.m. on BYU campus in the Harmon Conference Center. The conference itself signifies a huge step forward for the genealogy community. The conference is geared around the release of their new REST API. Until now FamilySearch only allowed access to their largest database in the world via their website. For the first time ever third-party developers will be able to leverage FamilySearch data via their API. The availability of this API alone will take genealogy oriented web sites to the next generation of research and personal record storage.

Come check out our lecture and see the best client library built for the FamilySearch API.

Brad will be giving a brief overview of Bungee Connect and then I’ll give you a tour of the Bungee FamilySearch library. I’ll end the lecture by giving a demo of a simple Bungee powered searching application I wrote using the library.

Matt Misbach

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