Amazon SimpleDB sample library for Bungee Connect

In December Amazon announced the latest addition to their cloud computing services, SimpleDB. This new service gives web application developers a great way to store and retrieve relational data without the complexity of maintaining your own database server and schema. Jeff Barr explains it best:

Amazon Web Services“Amazon SimpleDB makes it really easy and straightforward to store and to retrieve structured data. You no longer need to worry about creating, maintaining, or migrating database schemas, monitoring and tuning the performance of your queries, outgrowing the storage or processing capacity of your database server, making backups, or replicating data.”

I find this service very interesting because paired with Bungee Connect developers can now build applications that use and store data entirely in the cloud–without touching a single config file or server for any part of the app.To make it easier to use SimpleDB with Bungee Connect, we now offer a sample library for SimpleDB, which you can import as source code directly into any of your own development projects. This library wraps all of the SimpleDB SOAP methods and handles authentication for you. All you need to do is enter your AWS developer credentials and build your app.

I built the library and have included a test harness so you can see how everything comes together before you start build your app. With the test harness you can:

  1. image-thumb.pngList all your domains
  2. Create/Delete domains
  3. Put/Get Attributes
  4. Query 

You can find the documentation for this library here. Amazon just released two tutorials on querying SimpleDB data–definitely worth a read.

We’re always interested in how you use the library, so let us know. If you don’t already have a Bungee Connect developer account, you can get one here.

Update – 2/24/08:

  • We’ve added this video showing how you can use SimpleDB from within Bungee Connect
  • The Amazon Web Services blog posted on the SimpleDB Library for Bungee Connect – check it out here
  • Join us for this week’s webcast (Bungee’s Jump Cast) we’ll be providing a session on importable sample code, including the SimpleDB library

Amy Ballard
Community Program Manager
Bungee Labs

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