Bungee Connect is Back Online

Update 11:10pm MT: The update is complete. 

Scheduled Update and Builder Offline Announcement
We are currently performing a planned update to the Bungee Connect system. Usually, when we update our system, there is not any downtime for Developers that want to use the Builder. For this update, we are restricting developer access to the Builder for a period of about 4 to 6 hours while this update is rolled out.  Please note that this only applies to the Builder, and does not affect any other currently deployed Bungee-powered applications.

Why restricted access to Builder with this update?
The unique architecture and on-demand nature of Bungee Connect enables us to update the system frequently, which we do on a regular monthly pattern. In this particular update, we’re refactoring the object structure to support the some specific features for adding controls and adapters to Solutions.  Because this requires conversion of existing data, we can’t have developers in the Builder making changes while the conversion happens.  That’s why we’re restricting access to the Builder only for this update, and why other currently deployed Bungee-powered applications will not be affected.We work hard to make all of our updates as invisible to the end user as possible in terms of down time, and we regret the fact that Builder access will have to be restricted. We appreciate your understanding and patience in this rare instance.

If you have any further questions about this update please contact:
support at bungee labs dot com


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