From Private to Public Beta – “It takes a community” – Notes from the PM

Given the Public Beta milestone we are reaching this week, I’d like to review highlights of progress made during our private beta by calling out some of the cooler, community driven, things we’ve added to Bungee Connect through 10 monthly releases and several more minor releases as well.As we worked through our private beta, we began assembling a development community of over a thousand intelligent and eager web application developers. Their aggressive feedback made it possible to confirm a product direction reflecting the needs of today’s market, and helped us hone the specific criteria for advancing Bungee Connect through our private and public betas. Numerous features have been added to Bungee Connect as a direct result of our growing interactions with members of the Bungee Connect Developer Network (BCDN). I thought it would be interesting to take a look at a few of the BCDN-driven features added to Bungee Connect over the past six months:

  • Control Enhancements:  The toolbox and all its controls is clearly the most often used feature of Bungee Connect and the rich collection of controls adds the most value to an applications UI.  We’ve received a mountain of feedback on our controls and we’ve been able to make constant improvements to our control set.  Some of the most improved controls include Calendar and Google Maps and we’ve added the new Box control.  I’m sure we’ll see plenty of ongoing improvements in this area. 
  • Wizards:  While Bungee Connect is powerful, there are nuances that are hard to grasp.  As our developers struggled to grasp some concepts, the idea of “wizards” to simplify specific workflows became clear and necessary.
  • Import/and Include: We’ve always planned on allowing greater levels of collaboration between Bungee Connect developers.  The ability to import and include code between projects was on our roadmap but we accelerated its inclusion in the product based on a huge number of requests from our users.
  • Style Sheet Enhancements:  Giving an application has always been an important option for any developer.  We’ve been able to make several additions to our support of styles and how styles work through a solution.  Styles are easier than ever to define and apply.  They’ll continue to get better
  • Main Class on AppProjects: As more and more applications were being deployed into different third part portals such as Facebook, different scenarios for application initialization have driven more than one feature, including this one.  In hindsight it seems obvious, but sometimes that’s how a community can help push the product in just the right direction.
  • Debugging Enhancements: This is another example of roadmap acceleration by the community.  We had road mapped this feature and we understood the value and the need.  But the community helped us increase the priority

We’ve worked hard and now the public beta build is live and working, so its time to look forward, and get moving on this next month’s improvements to Bungee Connect.See:

Let me know what you think about our progress to date, and tell me what you’d like to see next.David BrooksbyProduct


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