New Example Code: StringUtil and more Controls

With the latest release, we have added several new code samples that you can import into your Bungee Connect workspace and use as a learning aid, or incorporate into your own projects.

Import Sample Code 2StringUtil

StringUtil is a utility class provided in Bungee Connect, which allows you to manipulate strings in various ways. For example, you can use the split function to break a string into multiple parts at each point where a character (such as a comma) appears.

The sample code includes a class called “Function_Examples.” In that class, you will find several forms that you can simulate. By running each form, you can see what one or more of the StringUtil functions does. Then you can explore the code to learn how to call the function.

Import Sample Code 1More Controls

Controls–such as the MultiColumnList control or the DynamicForm control–are the data presentation and user interaction elements that you use to build forms.

Recent additions to the list of controls available as sample code include the TabList and Tree controls, and the much requested GoogleMap control.

Each of the control examples is accompanied by an explanatory overview on the documentation page for that control. When you import the example, a notes page will automatically open, providing a link to the documentation.

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