New WideLens video: Overview for Bungee Developers

Over the weekend I got the chance to spend time with Herrick Muhlestein, one of Bungee Labs’ dev leads and a member of the team responsible for delivering Bungee Connect’s new calendaring reference application, WideLens.

In this video, Herrick provides an overview of the architecture of WideLens as well as some details on the app’s Class-Database relationships. The slides Herrick walks through are available here (.ppt)


This is the first of a series of videos we’ll be providing to Bungee developers with more detail on WideLens. If you have questions about WideLens, or want to discuss the video, head on over to the WideLens board at the BCDN forum (Bungee dev account required).

More WideLens Resources: 

  • Video (new!): WideLens – Overview for Bungee Developers and slides (.ppt)
  • Video: WideLens User Experience
  • Blog Post: Extending the WideLens Reference App
  • How To: Extend WideLens to Display Custom Events
  • Blog Post: WideLens: A calendaring reference application for Bungee Connect
  • Alex Barnett, Bungee Labs

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