Bungee Labs Intern DevFest 2008

What an exciting day for us at Bungee Labs to welcome 9 potential interns who traveled from around the country last night to take part in Bungee Labs very first Intern DevFest.

Bungee Labs DevFest 2008

We can’t wait to see what these very smart 9 CS students come up with using Bungee Connect and the WideLens reference app we’ve asked them to hack against.

Thanks to M.David (blogging this here) and Daniel Posch (one of last year’s summer Intern at Bungee Labs) who both agreed to join the contest’s judging panel.

Here are some pics from the 24 hour event.








Frisbee later…

Frisbee Bungee DevFest

Alex Barnett, Bungee Labs.


  1. Hey guys, this looks like you have had a lot of fun. I’d really like to apply for an internship at bungee labs. Are there any programs planed again?

  2. Ted Haeger said

    Thanks for you interest. We will likely do another summer internship program next year. The time to get in touch with us is roughly Jan-Feb. Contact us at interns [at] bungee labs [dot] com.

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