My Take – a comparison to my past

Alan's HeadI joined Bungee Labs over two weeks ago. While joining the industrious workers here means that I have been nicknamed “new guy,” (Gee, thanks Ted!) the title will fade and is countered by the opportunity to work with this great product. I thought I’d take a minute to post why I chose to come work at Bungee Labs.

Over the years, I have worked in several development environments using mainframe languages, case tools, database languages, and object oriented web and desktop environments. I enjoyed working in each environment to some degree and I think that the diversity of my experience offers me the following insight about the features of Bungee Connect:

  1. Portable
    At my last job, the developer group had a multi-page word doc with lengthy list of setups needed to be performed in order to get a workstation ready to compile the core application. It takes a good day to get everything ready to compile, so switching between machines or upgrading to a new machine is a big task. This setup process is not uncommon and similar to the ritual needed to set up the CASE tool I worked with.
  2. Solid
    I started using a CASE (computer-aided software engineering) tool in 2001. It was a bit of a paradigm shift to switch from they keyboard to the mouse, but typing was replaced with clicking. It took me quite a while to realize the benefits of the switch. In fact, there were crazed moments when I wanted to scream “I know what I want! Why can’t I just type the letters I need instead of selecting the words from a menu!?!” In the long run and much to my surprise, we were able to crank out an application much quicker with the CASE tool then would have been possible with any other language. Bungee Connect gives me that similar feel of using the mouse to drive development. For me, that’s something that ensures solidity, because the tool doesn’t let me make mistakes that I would make on my own.
  3. Fast
    I’m by no means a rookie programmer, and after learning one language, I find that learning the next one is that much quicker. I feel that Bungee Connect has been quicker to see results with than average. Granted, there are a few major concepts that are necessary to grasp (and I’m not saying that I have them down pat), but I’ve already produced a number of productive applications that would have taken me much more time in languages that I ALREADY KNOW.

So, taking employment at Bungee Labs was an easy decision. Bungee Connect is going places and I’m coming along for the ride!

Alan Harwood, Community PM

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