Mashup Camp, Day 1

tedheadshot_80px_transparent.pngBrad Hintze and I are at Mashup Camp at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. Here’s a quick mind-dump on what’s happened so far.

Yesterday was day two of the “Mashup University” part of the show, which is the part with the pre-scheduled technical presentations. (The rest of Mashup Camp is conducted as an unconference.)

Our Presentation
Brad and I showed to an audience of around 100 attendees. Brad kicked it off with an overview of Bungee Labs’ vision of Platform as a Service (PaaS). I did a whirlwind demo of the WideLens reference app and Bungee Connect. We had a lot of good follow-up questions, and judging by the positive reception, I think we’re finally zeroing in on how best to explain the technology frontier that Bungee Labs is trying to open up.

Six tables, with conference attendees broken into five groups, each group roving to each table for a rapid-fire, five minute Mashup demo. Each attendee has a wooden nickel with which they can later cast a vote for “best mashup.” The prize? A 17″ MacBook Pro. [Update: It turns out that the MacBook is for the speedgeeking mashup competition for general attendees. The vendor attendees were in a separate speedgeeking round, for which no winner will be announced.]

My friend and colleague Brad, who did not inform me of the impending event until maybe ten minutes before it started, ditched out suddenly, leaving me to do all five demo rounds. It was an exhausting half hour, but with WideLens in hand, I had a great mash-up to show off, and–even better–give to the attendees as source code for deriving their own version. How could it go wrong? At the end of the event, several people had decided to leave their wooden nickels with me rather than wait for the next day’s voting.

Perhaps the biggest value gained by attending a conference is the connections you make. Among the attendees, there is a level of passion for web technologies that is rare to find, and the immersive environment of Mashup Camp instills you with a sense of hope and inspiration.

I got to spend a little time hanging out with John Musser, the man behind Programmable Web. John’s up for recording another interview here at the conference, so I hope to be able to have that on The Bungee Line soon.

David Nielson, formerly of StrikeIron and who recently wrote a definitive paper on integrating WideLens with is also here. He’s a good guy to know.

Conference “Chief Content Officer” David Berlind is a good guy to know, too. But more fun is to watch him scramble about trying to keep the conference on track.

Other Happenings in Silicon Valley

Last night I got together with my friend Todd Dailey from Apple. He’s one of their small team of rockstars who handle Apple’s executive briefings. While I don’t consider myself an Apple fanboy, when he invited Brad and me to come down to Cupertino this afternoon for a personal tour of Apple’s campus, how could I refuse? Hey, Brad, remember how you ditched me yesterday?


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    Is day 2 coming?

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