Bungee Labs hosting West Coast Open Social Hackathon

This coming Wednesday (March 26th) we will be hosting the first ever West Coast Open Social Hackathon. The festivities are from 8pm-1am MST. The event will be live streamed and connecting the Utah Social Media Developers group with the Silicon Valley Web Builders. Here’s the official announcement from Jesse Stay.

Social Media Developer Garage

At the event Ted Haeger, Amy Ballard and Brad Hintze will be hacking together an application from several different APIs using Bungee Connect. We’re throwing around a couple ideas of what to build, if you have an idea for an app you would like to see using Open Social and other APIs contact Brad [ brad AT bungeelabs DOT com] or Ted . We’re likely going to be using the Twitter, Facebook, and Google Contacts among other APIs. We’ll share more details here and at the event.

A couple of Bungee Labs engineers will also be on hand if you’re interested in hacking an app using Bungee Connect.


Update: We’ll also have and XBOX 360 and Wii for Guitar Hero, Rockband, Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3.

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