Our Mashup Plan for Tonight’s Hackathon

Tonight we do the mash.

As my colleague Brad Hintze recently posted, Bungee Labs is hosting a hackathon event for Utah Social Media Developer Garage, and three of us from Bungee Labs will be hacking together a social mashup of our own using Bungee Connect.

We start with no code, three developers, four APIs, and less than 4 hours to make something interesting.

Something Interesting
Our current plan is to create a tool that lets you manage traditional contact information–names, phones, addresses–with social media contact information–blogs, social site info–all mashed together in a useful utility. It would allow you to make associations between your different contacts, linking them together, as well as use your contact information to find people in various social sites. By the end of the night, we hope to have at least an extensible proof-of-concept application deployed live to the web. Update: Alex just added a YouTube video of me talking some more specifics of the plan.

Four API’s
The API’s we’re going with tonight are a starter set, but we’re architecting the app so that we can extend it with additional services as easily as possible.

  • We’re starting with Google Contacts (think: Gmail contacts) as the first contact list to incorporate.
  • We’re using Twitter as the first blog source to incorporate.
  • Since tonight’s hackathon is based on Open Social, we’re bringing in MySpace. (Why MySpace? Well, they’re the only provider of a REST implementation of Open Social. Kudos to MySpace for that one. Now some documentation on that API wouldn’t hurt.)
  • Finally, the fourth API is Oauth, which is necessary for using MySpace’s Open Social implementation.

Three Developers

  • Amy Ballard, an experienced developer who now works as a program manager for Bungee Connect Developer Network
  • Brad Hintze, Bungee Labs’ Director of Technical Marketing, who fakes being a developer really well
  • Ted Haeger (a.k.a. “yours truly”), Director of Bungee Connect Developer Network, and who fakes being a developer rather poorly.

No Code
We have met a couple times–not nearly enough–to put together some preliminary plans for what we might make, but we have not started writing any of the code for this project yet. Full disclosure: we did create general-purpose Bungee Connect libraries for our APIs. (These libraries are now in the list of importable example code for Bungee Connect, under a BSD-style license.) We thought that having these libraries a necessary step, since most of the hackers coming tonight will have ready access to Javascript libraries for each of the APIs that we’re using. So, if that’s not technically “no code,” then I hope you’ll give us a pass for being honest.

Update: Alex YouTubed a short video of me talking about our mashup plan:

Stay tuned for more updates throughout the evening, including an evolving URL for our live application.

Ted Haeger
Director, BCDN

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