Oracle/Siebel CRM On Demand Integration Overview

Oracle/Siebel CRM On Demand


I’ve spent the past two weeks working on integrations between Bungee Connect and various On Demand CRM suites. At the time of this blog post, I am making available three reference applications. These small and simple applications perform the basic functionality of authentication, reading data, and writing data. The code is well commented and straightforward, providing an excellent foundation for one to base their own code on. In a nutshell, I’ve performed the task of identifying the intricacies of each service and how they apply in Bungee Connect. You can access any of these applications by logging on to Bungee Connect and selecting them from the Open Example Code tree on the Design tab.

In this example, I’ll be discussing some of the basics of the Bungee Connect reference app for Oracle/Siebel CM On Demand.


Oracle Login

The Oracle/Siebel Reference Application requires an Oracle CRM On Demand account. There are trial accounts available for those interested and without their own account. The three pieces of information you will need are:

  • CompanyName/Email Address
  • Password
  • Pod

CompanyName/Email address is a composite the two items and will look like this: “CompanyName/” when combined properly. The Pod is a three character combination that can be found in your Oracle CRM On Demand url after “secure-ausomx” and before “”

In order to use the Oracle CRM On Demand web services, you must first enable access to do so by contacting Oracle CRM on Demand support. Once you have your authentication information and have enabled web services via support, you are ready to simulate the form and log in. The status message at the very bottom of the form will indicate a successful login.



You should see a list of contacts from your Oracle CRM On Demand account in the listbox in the center of the form.


You can also add contacts using the controls at the bottom of the form.

The Code

Oracle Add

This screenshot shows the entire code for the adding a contact to Oracle CRM On Demand. The code is well commented, but you can see that it is only a matter of creating the new contact object, adding it to the collection of objects to be added, and making the call to the service.

Try it

Now that you’ve seen the overview, it’s time to try it out! Log in to the builder and import the example code.


  1. […] I’ve taken some time to create another Bungee Connect reference application using the SugarCRM web services API. I have previously posted about NetSuite, Salesforce, and Oracle/Siebel CRM On Demand. […]

  2. daveb said

    In your code, I see where you’re getting the session ID from the cookie in your login function and saving it off; but I don’t see in any of your other calls where you use that session ID. Where am I missing it?

  3. Alan Harwood said


    Thanks for your question. If you open up the login function on the Main class and expand the condition and the case within that condition, you will see that I am creating the SOAP endpoint (service.address) and including the sessionID on the end.

  4. Bhavin said

    Hi,i have got session id now i want to enter lead in On Demand, for that 3 string values are require firstname, lastname, owner i prepared webservice in Java and i am facing problem to enter the value. my code is as follows.
    please guide me to complete application.
    String firstname = jTextField4.getText().trim();
    String lastname = jTextField5.getText().trim();
    String sessionid = jTextField3.getText();
    Lead lead = new Lead();

    LeadWS_LeadInsert_Input input = new LeadWS_LeadInsert_Input();
    input.listOfLead = new Lead[1];
    input.listOfLead[0] = new Lead();
    input.listOfLead[0].setLeadOwner(“Bhavin Acharya”);

    Default_Binding_LeadImpl output = new Default_Binding_LeadImpl();


  5. daveb said


    Looks to me like you’re using a JAvA based IDE. This blog post is specifically around developing in Bungee Connect against the Oracle Web Service. Are you using Bungee Connect at all for building your web application?

  6. Sreenath said


    I downloaded the Account.WSDL from Oracle DRM on Demand app and tried to add it to Bungee Connect. Nothing happened. It just pops up a window and closes. When I click done it says “Please either add a WSDL or provide URL…”.
    The same WSDL gets imported succesfully in SOAPUI. What is the issue? Is there any problem with the software. How did you get your Contact.WSDL added here?

    Your answer is much appreciated.

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