A Handy Bookmark for Builder

From using Bungee Builder both obsessively and incessantly, I have found a couple best practices for your browser.

  1. Get rid of all your browser chrome. It just takes up valuable real estate that you want for Bungee Builder.
  2. If you’re using a MacBook or MacBook Pro (as I am), never navigate to the builder from another page, or your delete key will act like a back button.

So here’s the handy trick I use so that I follow both of these guidelines: set up a Javascript bookmark as your launcher.

You do this by creating a bookmark that points to the following URL:

Here’s a quick screenshot from Firefox on my Linux desktop. (This should work close to the same in any of the big three browsers, but post a comment if you find it does not.)


  1. If you’re using Firefox 3 you can take this a step further and use Prism to run the app in a separate memory space, thereby insulating your Builder session from any other Firefox crashes. Check out the extension for more info:

  2. Another format I like is Firefox’s multitab bookmarks – use a pipe between each url for additional tabs to open as a group:


    BTW, there’s something goofy with the javascript text in your post – quotes going the wrong way.

  3. Ted Haeger said

    Thanks for the alert on the issue with the quotes. I think it was CSS replacing the apostrophes with open and close single quotes. I had to swap them with HTML character codes.

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