Bungee In the News: May

We have gotten a lot of great coverage lately and I want to call out a few key pieces:

Bungee: The Software Life Cycle as a ServiceRobin Bloor, Hurwitz and Associates

Nowadays development environments are like amoebas, they all look alike to me and they all seem to work in a similar fashion, but BungeeConnect is startlingly different in several ways.

How PaaS pulls software pricing downPhil Wainewright, ZDNet

The pricing is interesting because Bungee has done away with separate pricing for storage, bandwidth, processing and so on, instead setting a single fixed price of $0.06 (six US cents) per user-session-hour.

Jumping from SaaS to PaaSLauren McKay Destination CRM

Picking up where software-as-a-service (SaaS) leaves off in terms of integration and interactivity is the relatively new platform-as-a-service (PaaS) model. Bungee Labs, a young PaaS vendor, aims to ease the process of integrating siloed CRM applications with other Web-based business solutions and third-party data.

Bungee Jumps into a federated platform model – Robert Mullins, SD Times

Bungee Labs, a platform-as-a-service provider, is offering two options for hosting applications created on its developer platform, in an effort to serve enterprises who want to keep their applications on their own network as well as those with their heads in cloud computing.

Bungee Jumps into federated hostingClint Boulton, eWeek

Startup Bungee Labs is taking the next step in what it believes is the first comprehensive platform-as-a-service offering with federated hosting for its Bungee Connect platform.

Bungee Labs Evolves Federated HostingRichard McManus, ReadWriteWeb

Federated hosting, low pricing and perhaps eventually open sourcing parts of the platform are good moves – but the bottom line is that those features need to attract new customers. It’ll be worth checking back on Bungee Labs again at next year’s Web 2.0 Expo!

Enterprise Software: Customer Survey 2008McKinsey & Company

The second archetype is the development platform, typified by companies such as Bungee Labs and Coghead. The innovation here is around providing all or some of the integrated developer environment (IDE) tools needed for creating an application on the Web, in addition to hosting. It is a cost-effective alternative to licensing on-premise toolkits for developers, i.e., SDKs. While this is the most nascent, and hence least understood, of the three archetypes, it could create a tectonic shift in software development by opening application creation to a much wider array of developers for a modest cost and even enabling a new generation of non-developers to create SaaS applications easily.


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