Delegated Web Authentication in Bungee Connect

One of the newest features in Bungee Connect is the ability to leverage existing authentication services instead of developing your own authentication. This is advantageous both in the terms of development time and security. By using DWA, developers make their applications easier to use, since their target audience won’t have to create yet another set of credentials for a web application. Currently, Delegated Web Authentication is available for Facebook, Google, and Windows Live.

To incorporate DWA into your application, you will probably want to start by look at the How To page that provides an explanation on how to incorporate DWA for each of the supported authentication services. You may also find it useful to view the video where I interview the developer, Wynn Wilkes, who engineered this feature. In the video, Wynn takes us step-by-step through the process of implementing the Google DWA driver.

-Alan, Community Program Manager


  1. Although I’ve expressed this sentiment in the forums, its worth repeating here.

    On behalf of the millions of OpenID users from AOL, Blogger, Flickr, LiveDoor, LiveJournal, Orange, SmugMug, Technorati, Vox, Yahoo!, and, I’m disappointed to see this feature go ‘public’ without support for OpenID.

  2. Have you looked at its very cool and has a security model with 2 factor authentication from PhoneFactor. As a developer my targeted application users are not big corp with a token community. Hate tokens! But a delegation interface is a fine way to open things up but something integrated like some of the web SDKs that could be integrated into the paas would be great, look at phonefactor. LDUB

  3. Ted Haeger said

    @Lorri Weston:
    Thanks for the mention of We’re definitely aware of it, and OpenID in general. Although, as James points out above, we don’t have support for OpenID quite yet.

  4. I am also very interested in OpenID support. I agree it should be a high priority on the credentials support list.

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