Google Contacts Library, v2.0

I recently made a major overhaul to the Google Contacts library. You can get it from the “Open Example Code” part of the Home tab in Bungee Builder.

I’m much happier with this new version. While I want to add a few more features to the library, it’s now functioning very well. Time to apply some “release early and release often principle.”

The overhaul to the library is substantial, so I strongly recommend reading the notes after you import it into your own solution. As with all code in provided by Bungee personnel in the Home tab, this is provided under a BSD-style license, allowing you freedom to make whatever modifications and derivatives you would like with it.

The biggest reason for a new version is to make the library comply better with the gData protocol. The issue with the previous version was that the gData modify/update API requires you to send back all the elements in the original Atom entry for a contact. If Google extends the data provided by the contacts API and you don’t submit it back, then gData considers the element to have been deliberately deleted.

Here’s a quick screenshot of the sample app that shows how to use the library’s API. Let me know if you’d like any guidance on using the library by posting a comment here.

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