Free Whitepaper: Capitalizing on Platform-as-a-Service to achieve your business objectives

Picture 5.pngWith the growing popularity of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) many businesses have been wondering how they can leverage the benefits provided by on-demand development and deployment to achieve their business goals.

To that end, THINKStrategies has published independent analysis on behalf of Bungee Labs to highlight the business benefits of PaaS. THINKStrategies is a strategic consulting services company formed to addresss the business challenges facing IT managers, solutions providers, and investors today as the technology industry shifts toward a services orientation. Jeff Kaplan, THINKStrategies founder, has over 20 years experience originating and pioneering such concepts as Software-as-a-Service, Out-Tasking and Managed Services. THINKstrategies has also founded the Software-as-a-Service Showplace, an easy-to-use, online directory and resource center of over 2500 SaaS solutions from over 600 companies worldwide. The showplace also includes information and insights regarding industry best practices.

From the executive summary:

A combination of macro-trends has initiated a fundamental shift in the software industry from on-premise to on-demand solutions. The shift to Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) for business-essential applications is best observed in CRM applications.

Rapidly changing business requirements are forcing companies of all sizes to adopt new ways of operating in order to better serve their customers, support their employees, connect with partners and compete in an increasingly global and eCommerce marketplace.

This interest in on-demand solutions is also being fueled by growing frustration with the costs, complexities and cumbersome nature of traditional, on-premise, legacy applications. Escalating macro-economic pressures due to deepening recession and intensifying competitive pressures are making it imperative that companies get more return from their enterprise application investments in order to win and retain customers.

These forces are driving the growth of a new generation of on-demand, web-based, SaaS solutions. In addition to CRM, other business-essential applications including ERP, HR management and web hosting are moving from costly and complex infrastructure hosted by the business to multi-tenant solutions delivered entirely as a service.

These same forces are also compelling a growing number of software developers, IT departments and business units to seek a parallel solution for software development with similar economic and operational benefits. Key requirements include a powerful, yet easy-to-use set of web-based software development tools built-in scalability and reliability, extensibility to bring together multiple data sources and business processes, and increased return on existing and future investments.

To meet these rising market requirements, a new generation of easy-to-use, cost-effective SaaS-delivered software development and delivery solutions are emerging. Each aims to enable businesses to build and manage powerful Web-based software applications to meet their corporate objectives outside or across the existing SaaS application silos of CRM and ERP.

Delivering on this SaaS concept, Bungee Labs has integrated these end-to-end requirements in its Bungee Connect Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), which combines hosted development and deployment to provide on-demand support for the complete application lifecycle.

THINKstrategies has found that an increasing proportion of organizations of all sizes are looking for on-demand PaaS alternatives to traditional, on-premise software development toolkits and application hosting. These organizations hope to accelerate their application development processes, generate applications that better meet the needs of the end-users and give them secure access to essential corporate information.

Organizations are now seeking to leverage web-based, on-demand platforms that can deliver better applications while more quickly and cost-effectively meeting their business needs. They are also interested in selecting the right development and delivery platform which can scale to support their future requirements.

This white paper will examine these trends and show how the Bungee Connect PaaS approach can help software developers, IT organizations and business units accelerate their application development and deployment processes, enhance their capabilities, reduce their time to market and enable them to achieve their corporate objectives.

Download your copy of the white paper here: Capitalizing on Platform-as-a-Service to Achieve Your Business Objectives

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