Deploying on the Preview Release

We’ve recently rolled out a preview release of Bungee Connect and we’ve written about that preview build in a couple previous posts.

There’s a gotcha in this process that affects how deployments work in the preview build.  Because of the need to keep the existing production deployment process in place and support the current deployment infrastructure, we needed to make deploying in the preview work just a little different.  Here’s what you need to do to deploy against the preview release:

  • After deploying change the prefix of the url for your test deployment from “testdeploy” to “previewdeploy.”  For example, when you deploy, your test demployment url will look something like this:
    You’ll want to change it to
  • After you’ve changed the url . . . wait for it.  Yes that’s right, wait for it.  The preview release requires up to 30 seconds for your test deployment urls to be live and running.  That’s a bit of a change from before where the changes were more timely.

That’s it.  Just those two tweaks to the regular process.

Thanks for taking the time to try out the new code.

David Brooksby
Product Manager



  1. […] Also, make sure that you read Deploying on the Preview Release. […]

  2. […] Also, make sure that you read Deploying on the Preview Release. […]

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