Twitter Library for Bungee Connect now available


I just released a new library and example app using the Twitter API. You can import it from Libraries in the Example Code section of the home tab inside Bungee Connect. As my wife and co-workers can attest, building this library turned me into a Twitter junkie.

The example app is simple but shows a straightforward implementation of the library with many of the basic functions available from the Twitter site. I have deployed a version live here.Picture 4.png

Inside the library, all of the methods are housed within the TwitterAPI class. I grouped the methods the same way the documentation has them grouped: Status, User, Direct Message, etc. Some methods require authentication, but the library takes care of that for you. Just set the authenticatedUser field and the authentication information will be sent for the methods that require it.Picture 26.png

The Twitter API was straight forward and pretty easy to work with. I was able to wrap the whole API with just 7 classes, 3 of which we really just container classes. I also found the discussion group to be very active and helpful.

After you import the library, double click on the TwitterLibrary project for additional notes and links.

A few weeks ago we used this library to build a Twitter application at a Utah Social Media Developers meetup, organized by Jesse Stay. Charlie Oliver has a great write up about it.

As always, I’m very interested in your feedback on the library. Leave a comment if you would like to discuss this library or show me the apps you have built with it.


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  1. Alan said

    Brad, I like what you’ve done. Your interface looks a lot like twitter and really shows off what Bungee Connect can do. I’d like to see someone take this to the next level. I like the Plurk interface more than I like the Twitter interface, but everyone is already using Twitter. So, I’d like to see someone mimic the Plurk interface and connect to Twitter using the library you are providing. That way Twitter can get a face-lift without having to migrate to a new system.

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