Preview Release Closure and Update Outage

We’ve come to the conclusion of our preview release phase and we’re ready to roll the new code over to the production url.  As a result we’ll be taking down the Preview release and taking the Production Builder offline for about 15 – 30 minutes starting at 6:30pm mountain time, Tuesday June 24th.  This should serve as 24 hour notice of the outage!

Over the past several releases we haven’t had to take this step and we’ve been able to roll out a new version of the code without downtime.  Unfortunately this release will require a brief outage.  We need to make our update without any risk of changes happing in production that aren’t touched by the update – so we require all users to logout and then we take the system down while we do the update.

The Builder is the only application that will need to be taken offline by the update.  All other deployed Bungee applications will remain running and will not need to be taken offline.

If you have questions feel free to post them to this blog entry or ping us on IRC on in the forums.

Thanks as always to you, our beta developers, for working with us during the beta process!

David Brooksby
Product Manager

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