Bungee Connect and Firefox3

Don\'t look at me, just read the post!

First and foremost, my congratulations to Mozilla on their release of Firefox 3. They’re working on the most exciting thing that’s happened to browsers since . . . , well I guess since Firefox 2.

If this is the first you’ve heard of the new browser you can go download it here: http://www.getfirefox.com

Mozilla has recently released version 3.0 of their Firefox Browser. Here at Bungee, supporting the top three browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari) has been an engineering priority from day one. Our own engineers, as well as most of our beta users, have been using the beta of Firefox 3 since it was first released and we’re excited at the recent full release of Firefox 3.0. We’re proud to announce that we support Firefox 3.0 on multiple platforms, not only for developer use of Bungee Connect, but for end users of the rich web applications built on Bungee Connect.

For the past 6 months as the beta process has unfolded at Mozilla, we’ve had developers behind our own four walls using the Firefox beta on Linux platforms, mostly Ubuntu, as well as PC and Mac. Firefox 3 is the most used browser among our own Bungee developers. The mission of Bungee’s internal Client team is to be aware of browser roadmaps among the top providers and make sure that Bungee’s development platform and deployed applications provide a consistent and rich experience across the three browsers and that we as a company are well prepared for up-coming browser version roll-outs. For example, we have several testing scenarios already against IE8, who’s beta was announced earlier this year.

We make addressing any issues discovered with the new Firefox release a priority and we encourage our active community of beta developers to continue to participate in helping us assure a consistent browser experience. Thanks for enjoying Bungee Connect and have fun with the new Browser.

David Brooksby
Product Manager

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