Early July BCDN Preview Now Open

We’re putting out a special preview release this holiday weekend. This release is not about new features, but about making a long-overdue name change in Bungee Connect.

Adapter == Interface, Connection == Adapter
As we continue on the path to defining the Bungee Connect language specification, we realized that we needed to adjust some terms to align better with standard nomenclature that object-oriented programmers expect.

For some time, two components in Bungee Connect have been referred to as “Adapters” and “Connections.” In Bungee Connect, the component named Adapter works in much the same way as interfaces in many other object-oriented languages. So to make it easier for new developers to learn the system, adapters will now be known as interfaces … there … much better.

Well, almost … there’s this other thing that we have been calling a connection that actually maps closely to a familiar OO pattern named … wait for it … the adapter pattern. So, connections really should be called adapters!

We won’t go into the whole history for why the names weren’t this way from the start. Suffice to say that the previous justifications aren’t as relevant, and the time has come to set the names right.

So, in summary, the change you will see in the preview now, and in the release on July 16 – and forever more in Bungee Connect is this: Wherever in Bungee Connect you once saw the name adapter, you will now see interface. And wherever you once saw connection, you will now see adapter.

Incoming Learn Tab Content
In the 24 to 48 hours following the rollout of the preview release, you will find that we have replaced the Start tab with the new Learn tab. Over the next two weeks, you will see active additions to the core curriculum portion of the Learn tab, building out Units 1 & 2. We aim to have Unit 3 in place by the end of July, and then to begin delivering many short “extended learning” modules about various features from August onward.

We would very much like feedback from BCDN Developers about both the content and the functionality of the Learn tab.

Logistical Details

Developers in the Bungee Connect Developer Network can now test out the next release of Bungee Connect by using the following URL:

We provide the preview release so that BCDN developers can test out the new features in the release, especially those that were directly requested by our top developers. This also gives you a chance to ensure that your code works as expected on the new version. Barring discovery of a major issue, we will end the preview and roll out the new version two weeks after opening the preview.

Also, make sure that you read Deploying on the Preview Release.

It’s Not Production (Yet)
You will find a snapshot of your current solutions available on the BCDN Preview release of Bungee Connect. It is only a snapshot taken on July 2, just before the opening of the BCDN Preview.

Reminder: Because the version of your code on the BCDN Preview is separate from your production code, any changes that you make to your code on the preview will not be reflected back on the current production version of Bungee Connect. This includes when the update goes live to production. In short, don’t expect to keep code changes that you make on the BCDN Preview system. (We are investigating how we might be able to save changes made on the Preview.)

Reporting Issues
If you find an issue with your code in the BCDN preview, please report the issue to us immediately. You can email support at bungeelabs.com, contact us in the BCDN Forums, or through IRC.

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