The Learn Tab Lives!

Late Friday night, the Bungee team rolled out two changes to the Bungee Connect platform.

The first change is the much needed renaming of Adapters and Connections. Wherever the word adapter once appeared, you now find the word interface. (Except for in the Bungee Connect architectural pattern, which remains Model-View-Adapter.) Similarly, connection has been renamed to adapter. (Hence the reason why MVA did not become MVI.) Overall, this change better aligns these components to concepts familiar to most object-oriented programmers.

The second change is the arrival of the much anticipated Learn tab, delivering a thorough explanation of the key concepts that developers need to know in order to create richly-interactive applications with Bungee Connect.

Its delivery method may be a first in the industry: a mixture of multimedia presentations in conjunction with automatically-provisioned code samples for hands-on activities, all delivered with no local installs or browser plug-ins into a complete, 100% online development platform.

Starting with Hello World, the Learn tab “Core Curriculum” presents Bungee Connect’s model-driven architecture by progressively building each concept from the previous. The result is–we hope–a smooth path for any moderately-experienced object-oriented programmer to become fluent in the Bungee approach to development.

The Learn tab Core Curriculum comes in three units, each comprised of five modules, and an end-of-unit quiz. Units 1 and 2 are both online now, and our goal is to have Unit 3 up by the end of July.

We’re extremely pleased with this new piece of the Bungee Connect platform, and hope you will be, too. If in the past you tried Bungee Connect and couldn’t quite figure it out, now is the time to dive back in and give it another go.


Ted Haeger
Director, Bungee Connect Developer Network
Bungee Labs

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