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How do you get interactivity, securely?

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Recently I wrote about why rich interactivity matters but what are the concerns around it? Ajax has made new kinds of web applications possible by bringing interactivity usually seen only on the desktop to a web browser. Google Maps and countless other web applications have begun adding interactivity throughout the application.

It isn’t easy though. Many times interactivity is cobbled into existing applications with a mish-mash of code–creating a Frankenstein of multiple technologies and line-after-line of code. This approach is difficult to maintain and can open several security threats to the user, server and data. Read the rest of this entry »

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New on Facebook: “What Is Your Best?”

Another Bungee-powered application has recently been added to Facebook. (This joins iRecommend, the Digg Comment Viewer, and FriendMapper.)

Created by Michael Walker (non-Bungee) and Brad Hintze (from the Bungee team), the beta release of “What is Your Best” is a social application for sharing your greatest moments, accomplishments, scores, and stories within your social network. For example, say you bowled a 271 last night. Want to brag about it and challenge your Facebook friends to do better? Well, cue the diabolical laughter, because now you can. (Void in states where mixing bowling and diabolical laughter is prohibited. I’m talking about you, Wisconsin.)

Next week, Bungee Labs will release a short video interview with Brad and Mike about the application, including why and how they created it and a short demo. However, if you want to get a sneak-peak at it, go to and check it out.

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Changes at Bungee Labs

Yesterday, Bungee Labs released 15 regular employees and contractors. It was a difficult day for us. The people we hire are without exception highly talented, motivated, creative, and professional. We regret their departure deeply.

This change had less to do with the rate of technology development and more to do with actual versus anticipated rates of adoption. Our Platform-as-a-Service, Bungee Connect, has achieved the level of robustness and capability we envisioned and we are committed to its continued regular advancement and support. As with most new breakthrough offerings, Bungee Connect will require longer incubation time to become broadly accepted. As a start-up, our action yesterday extends our operating plan well into 2010 to more deeply establish Bungee Connect in the marketplace.

Today, our leaner team is concentrating its efforts on the following: Read the rest of this entry »

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August Release is Live

Click here to find out what Ted is looking at...

As we bid adieu to the Preview Build for our August release it is with equally unabashed pride that we annouce that the August Release has rolled out and is now live at:

See the previous post for a list of visible resolved issues and features. 

Thanks to our beta developers for the time they spent in the preview build.

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Yahoo Geocoding Libary for Bungee Connect

My latest contribution to the Share, our BCDN shared code repository, is a library that wraps the Yahoo Geocoding API.

Yahoo provides an excellent API for getting the latitudes and longitudes of US-based addresses, which is an extremely helpful service for anyone working with the GoogleMap control in Bungee Connect. With the library now available, you can include the code in your own Bungee Connect solutions and use a single, simple function to get lats and longs for an address.

If you import the library into a new solution, you can simulate the example application in it to test the library. Since importing provides you with my complete source code, this also makes a good resource for understanding how to call a RESTful web service and convert its response into objects using our restUtility helper class.

In order to use the library, follow these steps in Bungee Connect:

  1. Either create a new solution, or open an existing solution.
  2. Select the solution in the Solution Explorer. (It’s the top-level container.)
  3. Click the Modify Dependencies button.
  4. In the Modify Dependencies dialog, click the Share tab.
  5. Locate YahooGeocodingAPI and add it to you list of imports.
  6. Select Import so that you can to look through the source code and run the sample app.

Once you have done that, the project notes will come up and explain how to use the library further.

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BCDN Preview Release for August is Live

Click here to find out what Ted is looking at...

We’ve rolled out a new Preview release to This release focused primarily on bug fixes and enhancing the usability of existing features, so there’s not a lot of new functionality to talk about for this release. There are a couple things to call out before we get into the list of bug fixes though.

Deployment Tab
We continue to advance the new deployment tab, which is still in an alpha state. We’re working to make the tab more task based and more easily understood than the old Staging tab. The staging tab is still in this release, but in the next couple releases will be replaced with the new look/feel you see in the Deployments tab. Take a look and try it out. As always we’re looking for your feedback.

Tab list dropdown
The builder now has a drop down menu for all open tabs. This is especially useful for developers who find they are opening a lot of tabs in the design pane. This should save some time for the power developers out there.

That’s pretty much it for new functionality in the Builder.

This release introduces the breaking change that I posted a blog about previously. If you use MySQL in your applications you will need to look closely at this preview build over the next two weeks as this will likely affect your application.

There’s a new error in the event view that you should keep an eye out during simulate sessions. We’re now reporting error messages when a function is called on a variable that hasn’t been constructed. Next release, we’ll be halting in this case. Look for a blog post on this change soon.

Here’s a list of some of the more visible bugs we fixed in this release:

3415        XmlToObject function propertly handles “&” character

4255        getSubCollection backup argument working properly

4583        Solution Detail Header now displays more information on the selected item

4718        StringUtil.findOneNotOf Out parameter now corrected to be an Int

5719        Label property for several controls now more consistently applied

5813        You can now delete posts

5921        Chooser now allows for broader choice when a function argument calls for a string

5986        Performance (speed) of the first call against a Large WSDL object has been improved

6075        Labels at the right of a sight control are now selectable (makes copy/paste easier)

6182        Chooser now automatically selecting objects that are inherited

6193        Enumerations can now be set on a field override

6269        Now TimeUtil.getTZData() can be passed any standard Unix name (“US/Mountain”) and it will return the matching timezone

6373        xmlUtil.convertObjecToXML now assigns namespace prefixes to sub-objects

6381        Sorting in an MultiColumnListBox no longer changes selection

6384        We handle invalid veil colors are handled in IE7

6454        MainRunFunction adapter has been renamed to MainFunction

6515        Double clicking in a FormList no longer selects all

6552        Recent Selections section of Chooser now working for CallFunction

6577        LabelAdapter property “stringvalue” is now “labelvalue”

6592        SingleSelect function now firing properly on the TabList control

6600        Overlay dialog titles are no longer encoding special characters

6606        Copying of Classes disabled

6659        ConvertStrToNumber now handles commas

6667        Multiple overlays can now swap focus more predictably

6709        XY values for positioning of a DynamicImageAction control popups working more consistently

6838        Notes can now be added to a stylesheet

6843        Postgres driver now returns more accurate error when login authentication fails

6854        Design and Properties pane staying in sync better when tied to Vars

6856        Large number of open tabs now navigable via tab chooser

6873        Overly simple WSDL files with no defined types will now import properly

6889        Raw XML strings are now properly being encoded in SOAP requests

6905        Fixed a logic error with the label placement property for CheckBoxes

6910        We’ve enhanced the control that the developer has over PopupButton alignment

6955        You can no longer edit the Model or View Names for Adapters

7002        Set Breakpoint button moved to the code button toolbar from the property pane header

7014        Images for a ButtonImageSet state can now be un-set

7033        Errors are now reported when a function is called on a Var that hasn’t been constructed (see note in italics above)

7040        Fixed a logic error in how margins were being applied from the Edit Grid Margins dialog

7048        Tablist control can now intercept a tab close event with a functionadapter callback

7050        Importing many projects from the Home tab at the same time, now imports properly

7090        SOAP marshalling now supports RPC literal encoding

7105        You no longer have to be a SuperAdmin to deploy or update a deployment

7154        Form titles are no longer defaulting to “Bungee App”

7202        Code buttons (if, comment, moveup,down) now more consistently affect the selected line of code

7254        You can now arrow key through controls in vertical containers

7257        You can now view notes for a Page

7351        Label tied to date tiem now using Text property properly when the value is null

7402        You can update a locally sourced WSDL

7462        Drag Zone and Drop Zone properties removed from several controls where they weren’t applicable

258/3531        Sorting a collection and selection get along better now

5790/6600        Enable/Disable state now triggers correctly across a Class boundary

5902/6374        xmlUtil.convertObjecToXML will now allow you to create element attributes

6014/6015/5780        Several issues around WSDL updating have been resolved

6578/6045/6834        Overlay dialog backgrounds no longer default to transparent

6614/4866/4777        MultiColumnListBox columns were misaligned in some scenarios. They’ve been fixed

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The Open Web Foundation, with Scott Kveton

The Bungee LineOverview
The Open Web Foundation was announced at OSCON 2008. Created by and endorsed by numerous highly influential individuals and organizations, the Open Web Foundation has also been received with a fair amount of skepticism. We speak to Scott Kveton, one of the key people involved in the organization’s establishment to learn more about the organization’s purpose, goals and near term objectives.
33:13, 15.2 MB

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Here are links to some of the resources mentioned in this episode: Read the rest of this entry »

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