Bungee Connect in Google Chrome

The first question we at Bungee Labs thought when we read the news about Google’s nifty new browser, Google Chrome, was: I wonder how it will do running Bungee Connect?

Google chose to use WebKit, the same rendering engine as Safari, which we support for Bungee Connect. So far, so good:

(click either image to embiggen)

But they also state that they chose to create a wholly new Javascript engine. Hrmmm…

In our early tests, we have found that there are at least a few controls that exhibit issues. Mostly, issues seem to be little interaction annoyances, such as having to click on a Tree control a second time before you can interact with it.

So, we make no formal announcement of support for Chrome yet (Come on! Chrome was just introduced and is still in beta!), but the Bungee Boys are smiling.


  1. vivek puri said

    FYI: control drag and drop is not working

  2. Ted Haeger said

    Thanks. That’s right in line with the kind of stuff we’re seeing. Little niggling issues rather than large-scale compatibility issues.

  3. I’d like to request a Podcast interview with one of the Chrome Project Managers.

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