October BCDN Preview Now Available

The next version of Bungee Connect is now available in preview to BCDN developers. As usual, the BCDN Preview will be online for two weeks before it rolls to production. Access it at https://preview.bungeeconnect.com.

The Preview once again has a recent snapshot of your solutions, but remember: the Preview release is for testing purposes. Any changes you make to your code will not be carried to production when the roll-up happens.

Of course, if you run into any issues, please leave a comment right here to let us know about them.

New Features:

  • Publish tab: The Publish tab (formerly named “Deploy (beta)”) has now officially replaced the Staging tab. Use it to post, share or deploy your code and applications. You can still use the old Staging tab by enabling it in Builder Tab Preferences.
  • Revision Status: If you collaborate with other developers, or maybe don’t always remember what classes you made changes to, you can now view the complete status of an entire solution by right-clicking it in the Solution Explorer and choosing ‘Revision Status.’

  • Number Reformatting for Strings: The new FormatUtil class in Runtime (in TypeLib: Utility) enables you to do several format transformations on strings.
  • AppProject Template and Deployment Requirements Changed: For those of you who have been using Bungee Connect for a while and have already deployed several applications, there’s a significant change to AppProjects that affects how you deploy applications. There will be more information in the docs when the release rolls to production. If you’re curious about the details of the changes, leave us a comment here, or find us in IRC.

Fixes and Code Changes:

As always, this release fixes many issues that the BCDN community have reported:

  • 0007374: [Other] Dependencies are now copied with dependent projects when posting/deploying
  • 0006019: [Controls / Interactions] Popups now more properly position relative to the current position of the parent window
  • 0003372: [Controls / Interactions] You can now change Icon for the Google Map in its adapter
  • 0007155: [Share] Shares and Posts can now be edited by the person who created them or the Design Group owner
  • 0004790: [Controls / Interactions] Constructor interface for adding elements to a Collection now uses the proper element type for the collection
  • 0007075: [Form Layout] re-sizing a grid no longer collapses other grid cells in specific cases
  • 0007099: [Form Layout] box (horizontal) in vertical flow does now allows you view the bottom
  • 0007074: [Form Layout] Grid no longer unintentionally re-sizing cells in a vertical flow
  • 0007690: [Form Layout] IE7: letting go of the grid resize tick no longer removes a pixel from the height or width
  • 0007680: [Controls / Interactions] Date/Time combo box drop-down arrow now works when setting as data in specific cases
  • 0007572: [Form Layout] using the text “<select one>” in an enumeration is now cleaned and no longer breaks in the UI
  • 0007243: [Controls / Interactions] Google Map now has a selection manager for pin elements
  • 0007250: [Controls / Interactions] Google Map now has support for GLatLngBounds
  • 0007268: [Controls / Interactions] Google Map more gracefully handles it when google fails to geocode an address
  • 0007361: [Controls / Interactions] Wizard now instantiates GoogleMapDirectionsAdapter in correct location
  • 0004614: [Other] You can now set a double to a value containing a decimal point using a site Data
  • 0006076: [Controls / Interactions] HTML now has general mimetype out capability (Bear454, this one’s for you!)
  • 0006723: [Other] SMPTClient now requires an SMPT server source in order to function
  • 0005800: [Other] Key word “now” is ‘now’ working in an expression
  • 0007381: [Solution Explorer] Deleting a project that contains multiple tiers of nested projects no longer only deletes immediate children
  • 0007379: [Solution Explorer] After Importing a ResourceProject, nested project containers now check-in correctly
  • 0007190: [SOAP/WSDL] WSDL import now handling “choice” correctly
  • 0005715: [Other] You can now customize the <head> tags
  • 0007091: [Code Editor] convertStrToNumber parameters for “fl” and “do” now work more predictably
  • 0007420: [Code Editor] Separator bar no longer switches from Vertical to Horizontal if you merge any cell in a grid
  • 0007412: [Code Editor] The Separator bar does now properly goes away when deleting the column that contains it.
  • 0006969: [Code Editor] Outline of a StyleButton no longer appears separate from the button when a Horizontal Box in design mode
  • 0007229: [Code Editor] Vertical box is no longer sized to a height of 0px when inside another vertical box
  • 0007424: [Code Editor] More than one line is no longer improperly highlighted in the Code Editor
  • 0007404: [Controls / Interactions] Radio button now honors the Multiline property
  • 0007143: [Properties] “DateTime” property editor tab for MonthCalendar control is no longer missing
  • 0005210: [Form Layout] Clicking on a Label that contains a link on a form no longer causes an exception
  • 0007706: [Controls / Interactions] CollectionStatementComplete no longer chooses second item in filter list when list contains multiple items
  • 0007708: [Controls / Interactions] CollectionStatementComplete no longer throws a JavaScript error if you resize the browser
  • 0005949: [Properties] Stylesheet clear button now enabled when using a control style
  • 0007528: [Controls / Interactions] DateTime Format in an MCL now works if the Edit Type is set to WriteOnly
  • 0007408: [Controls / Interactions] Under certain circumstances, items added to CollectionStatementComplete never show up on the server
  • 0007429: [Controls / Interactions] MonthCalendarList no longer crashes when setting number of columns
  • 0007538: [Meta Runtime] You can now set a function trigger to a bag
  • 0007593: [SOAP/WSDL] SOAP no longer replacing hostname with IP Address
  • 0007647: [Properties] Setting Multiple Select to true after removing the Multiple Select Function Interfaces no longer causes a crash
  • 0007697: [Other] PostRenderInit is now getting called during Debug
  • 0005634: [Other] SQLConnection now returns the standard numRowsAffected() function to know how the query affected the database
  • 0007316: [Controls / Interactions] Cross window drag and drop is fixed on Safari
  • 0007183: [Controls / Interactions] “Default” behavior now works inside Horizontal Flow
  • 0007080: [Code Editor] triggered function args no longer discarded before saving
  • 0007640: [Controls / Interactions] Flying over a google pin no longer causes map to pan and balloon to popup it’s been told not to
  • 0007466: [Controls / Interactions] Calling select() on a collection that is bound to a Google Map fixed
  • 0007631: [Controls / Interactions] The system no longer crashes when using a google map without setting the pin icon
  • 0007172: [Controls / Interactions] Leaving the icon in an MCL column to the default of “not_set” no longer breaks simulation
  • 0007330: [Controls / Interactions] [Regression] Changing the position of points on a GoogleMap behaves more predictably
  • 0007409: [Controls / Interactions] Radio buttons now work when Control Placement is set to Below Label
  • 0007073: [Form Layout] Hyperlinked controls in form layout when clicked, no longer take over the design pane
  • 0007341: [C++] datetime computations now working as documented taking seconds more accurately into account
  • 0007421: [Code Editor] Debugger will now break if you have a breakpoint set to the last statement in a function

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