At Long Last: The Learn Tab v1.0

The Core Curriculum in the Bungee Connect Learn tab is finally complete, online and available.

Said one BCDN Developer (who goes by the handle “olympyx”):

I think the combination of text overview, video, and use of the platform is a great way to learn the platform.

I first announced the Learn tab this past summer, thinking that the final piece, Unit 3, would be online by the end of July. We managed to get the first three modules online in short order, but the final two bedeviled me for some time. Nevertheless, I hereby declare the wait to be over.

You can now log on to Bungee Connect and complete the Core Curriculum and get your status ticker to look like this:

When you do, there’s a special surprise for you at the end–a little somethin’-somethin’ to recognize your achievement. But, you’ll have to finish the final Quiz to find out what it is.


Ted Haeger
Director, Bungee Connect Developer Network
Bungee Labs

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