BCDN Update, October 2008

This month’s newsletter was sent to all BCDN developers on Wednesday, October 8, 2008.

Since sending the email, there has been one modification to the original newsletter’s information. The new release of Bungee Connect will happen on Monday, October 13, not today. (I forgot about a cardinal rule of new releases, as set by BCDN members: never do a system update on a Friday. My bad!)

Hey, everyone:

It’s been a while since the last Bungee Connect Developer Network update, and we have been cooking up some great stuff for you. Let’s get to it.

Master Bungee Connect: The Learn Tab

The Learn tab provides you with the essential Programmer’s Guide material to Bungee Connect. Through hands-on activities, code examples, and short videos that quickly cover key concepts, this is your fast track to master the fundamentals of Bungee Connect. Reaction to it has been very positive.

“I’ve been through Units 1 & 2 of the new [Learn tab]. I found them very helpful. In fact, I think it’s the best example of on-line self-training that I’ve come across.” — Jan Varga, Amethon Solutions (Australia)

Now that it’s up and online, I challenge you to conquer it. As of today, any developer who passes all three Unit quizzes in the Learn tab will receive the BCDN Welcome Aboard Kit, which includes a Bungee Connect shirt. (You’ll be prompted for shipping information after passing the third quiz.)

Get going by logging onto Bungee Connect. The new Learn tab will be there waiting for you:

Bungee Connect Supports Google Chrome

Since our last update, Google announced their new browser, Google Chrome. Bungee Connect has aggressively supported the big three standard browsers (Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer), and we typically keep other browsers at arm’s length. However, when Google talks, a lot of web geeks listen, and we knew that Chrome would soon be in high demand. That’s why Chrome has joined our list of officially supported browsers.

Try Bungee SQL Admin

Got a PostgreS or MySQL database? Need to set up tables or modify stored data? Bungee SQL Admin is a rich Internet application that lets anybody to rapidly manage MySQL & PostgreSQL database systems. The app was build on Bungee Connect, but you do not need a Bungee Connect account to use it.

Beside being a handy utility on its own, Bungee SQL Admin has been added to the list of Example Code available to BCDN developers, providing you with source code from which you can learn or freely create derivative works. (Look for it in the “Applications” section.)

Try out Bungee SQL Admin.

The Next Platform Update? (Coming on October 10 13)

We opened the latest BCDN Preview on September 26, allowing BCDN Developers early access to the latest features and updates. It comes a huge list of fixes, as our intrepid product manager Dave Brooksby explained in the BCDN Preview announcement.

On Friday Monday, October 10 13, we plan to update Bungee Connect (the current production platform) to the version currently used on the BCDN Preview. Until then, you can try out the new version at http://preview.bungeeconnect.com.

Changes for the BCDN Forums

The BCDN Forums are moving to Get Satisfaction. While at the O’Reilly Open Source Conference (OSCON) last summer, I did a lot of research (okay, mostly talking with geek friends) about web-based forums options. After a lot of testing, I was quite smitten with Get Satisfaction for how easy it is to use, how quickly it produces answers to commonly asked questions, and how it’s not a forums platform.

Over the next couple weeks, the community team will be integrating Bungee Connect and Get Satisfaction. Our first step is to get automatic account provisioning and single sign-on worked out. After that, we’ll bring the old forums content into the new system.

Feed Your Brain with Web-head Audio Interviews

Have you listened to our web development podcast, The Bungee Line?

That’s All For Now

As usual, there’s a lot more news than we can put into a short newsletter. Keep watching the BCDN Blog for ongoing updates. Lastly, you can always reply directly to this email if you have any questions.


Ted Haeger
Director, Bungee Connect Developer Network
Bungee Labs

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