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End of January Update

Last week we updated the Bungee Connect system with a couple small bug fixes.  Those who were directly impacted by the issues are already aware of the fixes, but it still merits an update to the broader community so that everybody is aware of changes as they roll out.

What got fixed:

Bug# 7889 Redux: We added the ability to specify an authentication type up front. Previously we were always using “probe” mode which would send the request without any authentication, expect the server to reject the request with a 401 and specify the types of authentication it supported.  Now you can specify your authentication type up front, avoiding the extra round-trip to discover the authentication types supported by the server you are hitting.  It also makes it possible to speed up each request by a few hundred milliseconds, since we can now avoid the probing round-trip.

The second bug we fixed is around DWA (Delegated Web Authentication). As part of our DWA package, we supply the getStandardCallbackUrl() method that returns the URL needed to merge a session back into the existing session. An application uses this URL to pass to the authentication service. The authentication service then redirects the user to that URL after the authentication request has completed. The bug with the getStandardCallbackUrl()  method was that it always returned a URL prefixed with “” which only worked during simulation. We fixed the method to return a URL prefixed with the same prefix as the current session. This solved the problem for applications that needed to use the getStandardCallbackUrl() method in production, which is only an issue for developers of new DWA drivers.

Thanks to all our community of Bungee Connect developers.  As always, if there are questions about this update or about Bungee Connect in general, don’t hesitate to ask them either as a comment on this blog post or ask them in our channel.

David Brooksby
Director, Product Management & Development
daveb at bungeelabs dot com

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November Update and Planned Down-Time

Don't look at me, just read the post!

Happy Holiday season to all!  I hope the winter is treating all of our Bungee Developers well.  Except of course, if you’re sitting in the northeast and are still without power.  In which case, how on earth are you reading this post!?

It’s time to update our users on a recent system update, as well as notify you of some planned down time for an upcoming system change.

November Update:

On November 24th we rolled out a small system update to address a couple of issues.:
4563:  eBay wsdl now imports properly
7893: HTTP is no longer stripping authentication from URLs
7889: HTTP PUTs are now authenticating correctly

Like I said, it was a small update, but the changes were needed.

Planned Down-time – Need to Log Off Dec. 22nd

We’ll be making an infrastructure update that will affect DNS resolution for the Bungee Builder starting at around 10PM PST Wed. December 22nd (that’s 1 AM EST Dec 23rd).  We don’t expect the outage to be for very long, but considering that the change is primarily related to DNS it may be longer than planned—that type of change occasionally has unpredictable results around the world.  As a precaution, we’d like to ask that all Bungee Developers log out of the system before that time so that the update can take place without any risk of a loss of your work.  It’s been several months since we’ve needed to do this kind of update, so we appreciate your patience.  If you have questions about the change or timing, please contact me directly with a comment to this post.

How will the DNS changes affect your applications?

There are a small number of users who will need to make their own infrastructure changes  as a result of this change.  Please pay special attention if you have whitelisted (either on your own firewall or through an ISP) the Bungee Connect Data Center IP address so that your application can connect to your own DB or REST/SOAP/SMTP service.  The IP address you whitelisted will no longer work and you’ll need to whitelist a new address.  The new address to whitelist is
We’ll be updating our documentation accordingly.  Additionally, we’ll be contacting several developers personally to let them know that they need to update their infrastructure in order to continue functioning beyond the 22nd.  If you have questions about updating your whitelist, please contact me directly with a comment to this post, or post a topic in our portal.

As always we appreciate all the effort, patience, and feedback from our beta developers.

David Brooksby
Director, Product Management/Development
Bungee Labs
daveb at bungeelabs dot com 

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We’ve moved to MindTouch Deki…Here’s Why.

PictureWe’ve moved the documentation for Bungee Connect from MediaWiki to Deki.

As a web-based development platform provider, mindtouchwe chose to host our documentation. Originally we chose MediaWiki; it being the de facto wiki platform. You might ask, why take the time and effort to move to a different wiki? And why Deki? We were attracted to Deki for its complete, RESTful API. In fact, the Deki PHP application only talks to the Deki API. 

As we investigated Deki further, we found that Deki has some significant improvements over MediaWiki:

  • Better UI
  • WYSIWYG Editing
  • Rights Management
  • Better CSS
  • Programmatic Access
  • I used the How To guide from MindTouch and our migration went smooth and easy.

    Also check out the interview with MindTouch CTO Steve Bjorg about Deki on our web API podcast, the Bungee Line, from June 2008.

    Amy Ballard
    Community Program Manager
    Bungee Labs

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    October System Update

    The October system update for Bungee Connect went live on October 21.

    For a more thorough list of this release’s new features, enhancements and bug fixes, review the Preview Announcement from September 26.

    A few of the new features are worthy of a quick how-to video, so read on.

    No More Pages in AppProjects
    We simplified the AppProject container by eliminating the need for Pages. Any AppProjects that existed prior to the update will still have whatever pages they had before, but be sure to update your AppProjects before trying to update any existing deployed applications.

    Here’s a short video to explain more.

    “Publish” Tab Replaces “Staging” Tab
    The new Publish tab makes it easier to manage your posts, deployments, and shares, especially when you have multiple solutions in various DesignGroups.

    Here’s a short video to show you how.

    Custom FavIcon Support
    The much-requested support for specifying a FavIcons has finally arrived. Now when users bookmark your Bungee-powered application, they’ll see the icon of your choice.

    Here’s a brief video to show how to implement a FavIcon.

    Again, there is a whole lot more in this release, so check out the Preview Announcement from September 26.

    Ted Haeger
    Director, Bungee Connect Developer Network

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    BCDN Update, October 2008

    This month’s newsletter was sent to all BCDN developers on Wednesday, October 8, 2008.

    Since sending the email, there has been one modification to the original newsletter’s information. The new release of Bungee Connect will happen on Monday, October 13, not today. (I forgot about a cardinal rule of new releases, as set by BCDN members: never do a system update on a Friday. My bad!)

    Hey, everyone:

    It’s been a while since the last Bungee Connect Developer Network update, and we have been cooking up some great stuff for you. Let’s get to it. Read the rest of this entry »

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    At Long Last: The Learn Tab v1.0

    The Core Curriculum in the Bungee Connect Learn tab is finally complete, online and available.

    Said one BCDN Developer (who goes by the handle “olympyx”):

    I think the combination of text overview, video, and use of the platform is a great way to learn the platform. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Bungee Boys in New York City

    Brad Hintze and I will be in New York City this week for Web 2.0 Expo. Along with us are our CTO Dave Mitchell, and CEO Martin Plaehn. If you’d like to get together with any of us, please drop us a note, and we hope to see you in New York.

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    Manage MySQL with Bungee SQL Admin

    Bungee SQL Admin is a rich Internet application that enables Web 2.0 companies to rapidly manage MySQL & PostgreSQL database systems.

    • No install
    • No registration
    • No cost

    Click here to launch. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Bungee Boys at AWS Event in Salt Lake City

    The Amazon Web Services crew are back on the road with their AWS Startup Tour, and Brad Hintze and I will be joining them tomorrow in Salt Lake City.

    I’ll make a brief presentation around 3:30-ish, speaking about Bungee Connect and how Bungee Labs use Amazon Web Services. So if you’re in the area, please swing by to give Brad and me a hello.

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    It’s Official: Bungee Connect Now Supports Google Chrome

    Today, Bungee Labs announced our official move to support Google’s new browser, Google Chrome. See “Bungee Connect: First Platform-as-a-Service to Offer ‘Write Once, Run Anywhere’ Support for All Major Browsers, Including Google Chrome” for details.

    Shortly after Google released the Chrome beta, our test team went to work to identify exactly what worked and what didn’t. They found that Google Chrome loaded and ran Bungee-powered applications with only a few issues, which we detail below. Read the rest of this entry »

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