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Bungee Boys in New York City

Brad Hintze and I will be in New York City this week for Web 2.0 Expo. Along with us are our CTO Dave Mitchell, and CEO Martin Plaehn. If you’d like to get together with any of us, please drop us a note, and we hope to see you in New York.


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Bungee Boys at AWS Event in Salt Lake City

The Amazon Web Services crew are back on the road with their AWS Startup Tour, and Brad Hintze and I will be joining them tomorrow in Salt Lake City.

I’ll make a brief presentation around 3:30-ish, speaking about Bungee Connect and how Bungee Labs use Amazon Web Services. So if you’re in the area, please swing by to give Brad and me a hello.

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Bungee Labs goes to the Prom in Boston (a.k.a. Evening in the Cloud) & Enterprise 2.0

Well, it’s not really a dance but the ‘Evening in the Cloud‘ sounds like the theme from my high school prom.Picture 13.png

On June 9th, David Berlind is hosting an interesting opportunity to discuss the impact the cloud is having on business applications from both a cloud-based service provider and customer perspective. Brad Hintze, Lyle Ball and Dave Mitchell will be representing Bungee with a table at the event demonstrating Bungee Connect and some of the applications that have been built with Bungee. Evening in the Cloud is a free event, register here.

The Bungee team will also hang around for Enterprise 2.0 June 10th-12th.

If you are going to be in the Boston area and would like to meet up with us leave us a comment.


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Live Webcasts for Bungee Connect Developers: 101 and 201

Bungee Connect’s Webcast series is expanding!

In addition to the Bungee Connect 101 Webcast for developers working on the Start Tab tutorials (or those that recently completed them), we’re adding a new Bungee Connect 201 for developers who have moved beyond the Start Tab contents, starting on June 4th. Read the rest of this entry »

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Live Webcast (May 21): Bungee Connect 101 for Developers

Date: Wednesday May 21

Morning Session: 9:00 – 10:00 am MDT 

Register for the morning event to attend

Afternoon Session: 2:00 – 3:00 pm MDT 

Register for the afternoon event to attend

Have you finished the 3 Start Tab tutorials, or close to finishing these? We would like to invite you to a new learning program for developers new to Bungee Connect.

We now have two live webcasts to choose from: one in the morning, one in the afternoon. Both webcasts will cover the same content so, select the time that works best for you.

Bungee Connect’s 101 “live” Webcast will focus on:

  • Application building blocks: classes, fields, function, forms, etc.
  • What does “model driven” mean and how it helps you build app in Bungee Connect
  • Walk through of a small application
    • How is the model connected to the view: Model-View-Adapter model
    • How do the components interact
    • How inheritance can simplify your app
  • A chance to ask any questions you have about the Start Tab, building apps in Bungee Connect or any other burning questions!

If you haven’t completed the 3 Start Tab tutorials, please spend some time checking them out before attending this webcast! We’re looking forward to getting to know you and discover what you want to do with Bungee Connect.

Amy Ballard, Community Program Manager

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Startup Series video from Web 2.0 Expo

Picture 3.png

While at Web 2.0 Expo, Jesse Stay interviewed me and Corey Olsen about Bungee Connect. He just updated his blog with some video of the demo we gave him.

Tonight we will be hosting the Social Media Developers Garage. At the event tonight, Ted Haeger and I will be providing a Hello World introduction to using Bungee Connect with a few services like Facebook, Twitter and possibly even Google Contacts.


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Bungee Boys back in San Francisco for Google I/O

200805091244.jpg Ted Haeger, Brad Hintze and Dave Mitchell will be back in San Francisco on May 28th and 29th for Google I/O. If you would meet up with us while we are there leave a comment below.


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