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Bungee Accelerated

We rolled out the latest version of Bungee Connect over the weekend. Our intrepid product manager Dave Brooksby has posted finished the release notes here.

Before testing any of the new features, compare the speed of this version. In one of my applications, I have a login function that triggered a whole raft of classes to get loaded. The first time I would simulate the main form and hit that function, it used to take 15-20 seconds to load all the classes. (After that, it was less than 2 seconds to complete.) On the new build, it takes a mere 8 seconds.

Chances are that you’ll notice similar gain throughout Bungee Connect. Creds go to Corey, one of our top Bungee engineers. His recent work in optimizing memory and related processes has made the whole thing seem downright snappy. Kudos to Corey and every engineer who contributed to this latest build.

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