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Video: Corey Olsen Shows the Debugger

Among our many gifted engineers at Bungee Labs, Corey Olsen is one of the best. He recently introduced several updates to the codebreak debugger tool.

You can check out the video here (9:02).

The new debugger presents your code, the values of your fields and vars in the code, and the event log all a consolidated view. In the preview at right, you can see a field containing a URL to a photo shoing the actual target photo, which is kind of nifty.

More info in the video.

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Two Videos on Using SQL in Bungee Connect

Our efforts to increase how-to videos continue. This week, we have made a couple videos about how to use SQL (MySQL and PostgreSQL) in conjunction with your Bungee Connect applications.

The two videos are:

  1. Creating a SQL project (5:36)
  2. Performing SQL Operations (11:30)

The videos include screen cams showing an application that was cooked up by our community team, Amy Ballard and Alan Harwood. You can import this sample code into your own Bungee Connect workspace by logging into Bungee Connect, going to the Home tab’s Import Sample Code section, and finding the application called “SQLRefApp.”

Both of the videos will also be linked from within the Bungee Connect documentation section covering SQL, too.

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Delegated Web Authentication in Bungee Connect

One of the newest features in Bungee Connect is the ability to leverage existing authentication services instead of developing your own authentication. This is advantageous both in the terms of development time and security. By using DWA, developers make their applications easier to use, since their target audience won’t have to create yet another set of credentials for a web application. Currently, Delegated Web Authentication is available for Facebook, Google, and Windows Live. Read the rest of this entry »

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Startup Series video from Web 2.0 Expo

Picture 3.png

While at Web 2.0 Expo, Jesse Stay interviewed me and Corey Olsen about Bungee Connect. He just updated his blog with some video of the demo we gave him.

Tonight we will be hosting the Social Media Developers Garage. At the event tonight, Ted Haeger and I will be providing a Hello World introduction to using Bungee Connect with a few services like Facebook, Twitter and possibly even Google Contacts.


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See the Results of Intern DevFest 2008

In late 2007, fifty Computer Science university students applied for 2008 internships at Bungee Labs. We flew nine of the most promising applicants from around the US to join Bungee Labs for our first “Intern DevFest”.

Over a 24 hour period the students had to extend WideLens – the Bungee Connect calendaring reference application – to develop new features and create a new derivative WideLens application…then present the results to the judging panel.

The nine students slogged hard all day (with frisbee breaks!) and most of the night and then presented their solutions to the judging team the next morning.

Check out the video highlights of the four winners.

Alex Barnett, VP Community

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New Video – How to Import and Run WideLens, View and Export the WideLens Database

In this new WideLens video we introduce Josh, one of two devs who worked on the Bungee Connect reference calendaring application, who shows Ted a few more tips and tricks for Bungee developers interested in experimenting with the Bungee-powered app, covering:

  • How to import WideLens project into a new solution (and what’s actually happening in the background when importing the project)
  • How to run your instance of WideLens via simulate within the Bungee builder
  • Creating an account in your version of WideLens
  • Viewing your instance of the WideLens MySQL database via the SQL Console
  • How to export the WideLens database schema so you can use your own MySQL database

Bungee Connect WideLens Video - How to Import and Run WideLens, and View the WideLens Database

More videos to come. In the meantime, you can go to the WideLens developer page at the Bungee Connect wiki where you can find all the links to the various resources we’re putting together.

Alex Barnett, VP Community

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Sync Google Calendar to Outlook

Seeing Google’s recent release of Google Calendar Sync, Alex Barnett has created a short screencast of how this is available as a browser-based utility through the WideLens reference application on Bungee Connect.

What are the key differences? First, Google Calendar Sync is a download-and-install application for your Windows desktop, whereas WideLens allows you to synchronize entirely in the browser. Depending on your use case, you may find one or the other scenario (or both) more practical. Second, WideLens allows you to view and manage your appointments for both Exchange and Google Calendars in a single consolidated view, with the ability to create, delete and manage new appointments on either system as well as within and Facebook.

Finally, the WideLens codebase has been made available to Bungee developers under a very liberal open source license, allowing developers to make derivative works from the code base, so if you need to extend or pare down the base functionality, it’s readily available.

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New WideLens video: Overview for Bungee Developers

Over the weekend I got the chance to spend time with Herrick Muhlestein, one of Bungee Labs’ dev leads and a member of the team responsible for delivering Bungee Connect’s new calendaring reference application, WideLens.

In this video, Herrick provides an overview of the architecture of WideLens as well as some details on the app’s Class-Database relationships. The slides Herrick walks through are available here (.ppt)


This is the first of a series of videos we’ll be providing to Bungee developers with more detail on WideLens. If you have questions about WideLens, or want to discuss the video, head on over to the WideLens board at the BCDN forum (Bungee dev account required).

More WideLens Resources: 

  • Video (new!): WideLens – Overview for Bungee Developers and slides (.ppt)
  • Video: WideLens User Experience
  • Blog Post: Extending the WideLens Reference App
  • How To: Extend WideLens to Display Custom Events
  • Blog Post: WideLens: A calendaring reference application for Bungee Connect
  • Alex Barnett, Bungee Labs

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    Amazon SimpleDB sample library for Bungee Connect

    In December Amazon announced the latest addition to their cloud computing services, SimpleDB. This new service gives web application developers a great way to store and retrieve relational data without the complexity of maintaining your own database server and schema. Jeff Barr explains it best:

    Amazon Web Services“Amazon SimpleDB makes it really easy and straightforward to store and to retrieve structured data. You no longer need to worry about creating, maintaining, or migrating database schemas, monitoring and tuning the performance of your queries, outgrowing the storage or processing capacity of your database server, making backups, or replicating data.”

    I find this service very interesting because paired with Bungee Connect developers can now build applications that use and store data entirely in the cloud–without touching a single config file or server for any part of the app. Read the rest of this entry »

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    A Web UI into Novell GroupWise with Bungee

    Ted’s put together a short screencast showing off a simple personal Bungee-powered task management app providing a web UI into Novell GroupWise.

    “I chose to use GroupWise as a reference platform for two reasons. First, the SOAP API for GroupWise has all the sophistication you could want: multiple levels of object inheritance, and its scope is comprehensive to say the least. (I wish I had understood that when I was in charge of marketing for GroupWise!) Second, nine years of working at Novell left me knowing how GroupWise works, so I would know when I actually got something to work.”

    Ted also got this running as a Google Gadget. Sweet!

    Yes, I used a mac to make this movie.

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