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Updated Basecamp API for Bungee Connect

Bear454 has just released an update to the Basecamp API Library for Bungee Connect. Thanks for the contribution Bear454.



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Basecamp API for Bungee Connect from Bear454

The illustrious BCDN member Bear454 has contributed a Basecamp API for Bungee Connect. Bear454 outlines how you can use this api in your own project and promises to maintain it until a better one is contributed. Go check it out.basecamplogo-small.png


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@task, with Nate Bowler

The Bungee LineOverview
Nate Bowler, CTO of @task, becomes our first in-studio guest on the Bungee Line. @task provides project management, Gantt chart, workflow, and time tracking software through both traditional host-your-own and Software-as-a-Service models. As with so many companies in the providing web-based software, they provide an API.
36:25, 16.7 MB

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Here are links to some of the resources mentioned in this episode. Read the rest of this entry »

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Twitter Library for Bungee Connect now available


I just released a new library and example app using the Twitter API. You can import it from Libraries in the Example Code section of the home tab inside Bungee Connect. As my wife and co-workers can attest, building this library turned me into a Twitter junkie. Read the rest of this entry »

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Complete your CRM user experience with Bungee Connect (a.k.a. Spackle the Cracks)

For Picture 16.png many businesses CRM is at the center of the way business gets done. The sales team uses it to keep track of leads and opportunities, marketing uses it to capture new leads or target a specific group within their own customer base, accounting uses it to track closed opportunities and the list goes on. Over the past year we have talked to many businesses looking to get the most from their CRM investment and make their employees more productive. While they are happy with their CRM overall, their employees could be far more productive with just a few improvements to the user experience, filling in the gaps in application functionality. Most of the requests fall into two categories: user interface or data integration. Read the rest of this entry »

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Startup Series video from Web 2.0 Expo

Picture 3.png

While at Web 2.0 Expo, Jesse Stay interviewed me and Corey Olsen about Bungee Connect. He just updated his blog with some video of the demo we gave him.

Tonight we will be hosting the Social Media Developers Garage. At the event tonight, Ted Haeger and I will be providing a Hello World introduction to using Bungee Connect with a few services like Facebook, Twitter and possibly even Google Contacts.


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Bungee lecture at FamilySearch Developers Conference

Brad and I are going to be presenting the Bungee Labs FamilySearch utility library at the 2008 FamilySearch Developers Conference on March 12 @ 2:30 p.m. on BYU campus in the Harmon Conference Center. The conference itself signifies a huge step forward for the genealogy community. The conference is geared around the release of their new REST API. Until now FamilySearch only allowed access to their largest database in the world via their website. For the first time ever third-party developers will be able to leverage FamilySearch data via their API. The availability of this API alone will take genealogy oriented web sites to the next generation of research and personal record storage.

Come check out our lecture and see the best client library built for the FamilySearch API.

Brad will be giving a brief overview of Bungee Connect and then I’ll give you a tour of the Bungee FamilySearch library. I’ll end the lecture by giving a demo of a simple Bungee powered searching application I wrote using the library.

Matt Misbach

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