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Sync Google Calendar to Outlook

Seeing Google’s recent release of Google Calendar Sync, Alex Barnett has created a short screencast of how this is available as a browser-based utility through the WideLens reference application on Bungee Connect.

What are the key differences? First, Google Calendar Sync is a download-and-install application for your Windows desktop, whereas WideLens allows you to synchronize entirely in the browser. Depending on your use case, you may find one or the other scenario (or both) more practical. Second, WideLens allows you to view and manage your appointments for both Exchange and Google Calendars in a single consolidated view, with the ability to create, delete and manage new appointments on either system as well as within and Facebook.

Finally, the WideLens codebase has been made available┬áto Bungee developers under a very liberal open source license, allowing developers to make derivative works from the code base, so if you need to extend or pare down the base functionality, it’s readily available.

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