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We’ve moved to MindTouch Deki…Here’s Why.

PictureWe’ve moved the documentation for Bungee Connect from MediaWiki to Deki.

As a web-based development platform provider, mindtouchwe chose to host our documentation. Originally we chose MediaWiki; it being the de facto wiki platform. You might ask, why take the time and effort to move to a different wiki? And why Deki? We were attracted to Deki for its complete, RESTful API. In fact, the Deki PHP application only talks to the Deki API. 

As we investigated Deki further, we found that Deki has some significant improvements over MediaWiki:

  • Better UI
  • WYSIWYG Editing
  • Rights Management
  • Better CSS
  • Programmatic Access
  • I used the How To guide from MindTouch and our migration went smooth and easy.

    Also check out the interview with MindTouch CTO Steve Bjorg about Deki on our web API podcast, the Bungee Line, from June 2008.

    Amy Ballard
    Community Program Manager
    Bungee Labs


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