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How do you get interactivity, securely?

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Recently I wrote about why rich interactivity matters but what are the concerns around it? Ajax has made new kinds of web applications possible by bringing interactivity usually seen only on the desktop to a web browser. Google Maps and countless other web applications have begun adding interactivity throughout the application.

It isn’t easy though. Many times interactivity is cobbled into existing applications with a mish-mash of code–creating a Frankenstein of multiple technologies and line-after-line of code. This approach is difficult to maintain and can open several security threats to the user, server and data. Read the rest of this entry »

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Delegated Web Authentication in Bungee Connect

One of the newest features in Bungee Connect is the ability to leverage existing authentication services instead of developing your own authentication. This is advantageous both in the terms of development time and security. By using DWA, developers make their applications easier to use, since their target audience won’t have to create yet another set of credentials for a web application. Currently, Delegated Web Authentication is available for Facebook, Google, and Windows Live. Read the rest of this entry »

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