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Announcing Bungee Grid-EC2, Bungee Application Server and Community Source Code Licensing Plans

This week begins another exciting phase for the Bungee Connect Developer Network, the Bungee Connect platform, and the Bungee Labs team. We have been working feverishly for several months to pull together the technical and logistical pieces to enable very significant new capabilities that we think will expand the number of solutions brought to market as Software-as-as-Service, increase the interactive quality and experience of those services, and provide more business and operational flexibility to developers.

There’s a lot to share with you today, so rather than trying to cram everything into one epic blog post, we’ve laid out the “headline” bullet points below with links to posts detailing more about each of these news items:

  • Bungee Grid now running on Amazon EC2 and accessible to Bungee Developers
  • Announcing Bungee Application Server
  • Community Source Code Licensing plans for Bungee Connect technologies
  • We look forward to your feedback.

    Martin Plaehn,
    CEO, Bungee Labs.

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    Announcing Bungee Application Server

    Developers wanting to deploy Bungee-powered applications on their own servers will be able to download a complete single-server Bungee Grid as virtual software appliance called the “Bungee Application Server”. The Bungee Application Server uses VMware technology and operates as a single complete management and delivery server for Bungee-powered applications. Additionally, it can act as a management hub when additional Bungee Application Servers are required for multi-server scalability. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Community Source Code Release Plans for Bungee Connect technologies

    One of the topics that frequently comes up when we’re talking with the Bungee Connect developer community is the topic of licensing. Today we want to outline for you where we are on this process and give you a good sense of Bungee Labs’ general direction, so here goes… Read the rest of this entry »

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