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San Diego, Los Angeles Amazon Web Services Events

Thank you to all those who were able to attend the Amazon Web Services events this week in San Diego and Los Angeles.

From talking to the event coordinators, we know that there were several who could not make the event because of the wild fires and evacuations. We missed meeting you at the events, and we offer our condolences to those who were affected. If you were hoping to talk with us and get into the private beta of Bungee Connect, please email Ted Haeger (ted at bungeelabs) and I will expedite an invite key to you.



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Amazon Flexible Payment System (FPS) library for Bungee Connect

Ever since the first time I heard about the new Amazon FPS service I have been anxious to integrate it into a web application. When I was tasked with creating a few use cases for Bungee Connect Amazon FPS was at the top of my list of services to use.

The tricky part about using FPS is signing each of the requests to the service. Amazon has made it easy for a few languages by providing a library to sign the requests. I decided to do the same for Bungee Connect. I cheated a little and just opened the Java and PHP libraries provided by Amazon and re-created the functionality in Bungee Logic. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jeff Barr on Amazon Web Services (Part 1)

The Bungee LineOverview
Developer evangelist for Amazon Web Services, Jeff Barr tells Alex and Ted about how he became a native Amazonian, his recent visit to “The Business of API’s Conference,” and a bunch of stuff on Amazon Web Services, including: Mechanical Turk, EC2, and S3. Additionally, Jeff explains the newly announced S3 Service Level Agreement*, adding, “Take that, John Musser!” Jeff even name drops a book on our show. I wonder what site he expects us to link to on that?
32:17, 14.8 MB

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Bungee Boys in San Diego and Los Angeles with The Startup Project

Amazon Web ServicesAlong with my colleagues Brad Hintze, Lyle Ball, and Ted Haeger will be at’s “The Startup Project” meetings in San Diego (Oct 22), and in Los Angeles (Oct 23). is doing some great work to help aspiring entrepreneurs bootstrap their ideas into on-demand startup companies. The Startup Project aligns so well with what Bungee Labs is bringing to life, that the organizers at invited us to come down and show how Bungee Connect complements Amazon Web Services’ on-demand services with a development environment for bringing your online user experience idea to life. Among our demonstrations, we will be showing a demo of Amazon’s Flexible Payment Service (FPS).

If you want to get some time with us away from the demo table, leave us a comment here, or send an email to either “ted” or “brad,” at

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Jeremy Zawodny of Yahoo! (Part 2)

The Bungee LineOverview
Jeremy Zawodny of Yahoo! talks to Ted and Alex about Mash, Hadoop, Yahoo Developer Network, openness at Yahoo, Yahoo’s APIs, and various related topics.
32:21, 14.8 MB

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How To: Use a Custom URL for Your Bungee-powered Apps

If you don’t feel like reading the whole post, here’s the short bullet version:

  • Setup a CNAME entry at your domain provider that points your custom domain prefix to:
  • In the ‘Application URL’ field on the ‘Deployment Settings’ section of the ‘Staging’ tab, enter the custom URL to which you want your Bungee app pointed
  • Click the ‘Update’ button to apply the change · It’s that easy!

The Details

At the end of the Hello Bungee Connect Tutorial you deploy, live to the web, a simple Bungee application. It’s a pretty simple tutorial, that builds a pretty simple application; and that last step may seem trivial, but a lot has happened behind the scenes that is very powerful. If you consider the amount of work that typically needs to happen to take a web application from ‘code complete’, through to live deployment, Read the rest of this entry »

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Next “Jump Call” is October 8, 2:00 pm (MDT)

Our monthly Bungee Connect “Jump Call” is coming up on Monday, October 8 at 2:00 MDT.

The Jump Call provides web developers in the Bungee Connect Early Access Beta with an opportunity to talk directly with the Bungee team, and ask questions about Bungee Connect.

Agenda for the October 8 Jump Call:

  1. Information on the latest system update to Bungee Connect
  2. The new Start tab in Bungee Builder
  3. Open Q&A

Please pre-register for the event, see the forums post in the Bungee Connect Developer Network.

Details are posted in the forums.

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