Social Design with Joshua Porter

The Bungee LineOverview
Joshua Porter is a usability consultant, web designer, researcher and blogger specializing in the art of social design for the web whose experience includes five years at world-renowned User Interface Engineering. Josh’s blog ( is a must-read favorite for UI and web designers and is finishing up his first book, to be published in the next few weeks (details below).
47:55, 21.9 MB

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Related Links
Here are links to some of the resources mentioned in this episode.

*Offer not valid after January 28, 2008.


  1. […] Here’s Alex’s writeup. […]

  2. So… what happened there at the end. I can only conjur images of Ted falling off his chair…

    Also, very disappointed that the Bungee sound wasn’t commented on at all. I guess its 15 minutes are truly over. Too bad though – I thought repeatability was one the sure marks of good comedy (don’t you _always_ laugh at “Who’s on First?”)

  3. […] Last week I had the chance to some spend time with Joshua Porter (of to discuss his thoughts on "Social Design" for the web. We recorded the conversation and it’s up now up as a podcast. […]

  4. Hey James…due to popular demand (!) we are re-considering our editorial position regarding references to the Bungee sound.

    Re: ted falling off the chair…no comment 🙂

  5. […] He was also recently interviewed by Alex Barnett and Ted Haeger for The Bungee Line podcast: Social Design with Joshua Porter. It’s a great interview, ~45 minutes, covering many of the themes covered at Bokardo: social […]

  6. […] Web” by Joshua Porter June 24, 2008 — taroza Some time ago I listened to a podcast, where Joshua Porter was talking about the social design. Thanks, John, for the reference! I got […]

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